Wholesale Updates and Resources

On this page you can find all of the files and resources that we currently provide to help you maintain your website, and otherwise keep track of the products that we offer. Below you'll find excel, .pdf, and .csv spreadsheets along with zip files of the images of all our products to aid you in creating your site, or managing our many products as prices change, some items are discontinued, and new items come into stock.

To use them you must be a registered wholesale customer. To become one email us at wholesaleaccounts@azuregreen.com for an application. If you do not have Excel, which you need to view many of these files, you can try the free OpenOffice download, otherwise you can also download Adobe Reader. You will get added to our weekly update email list it is a weekly source for special offers, notices, and introductions to new products we carry as well.

Wholesale pricing sheet.

Files Updated Daily

Please note that these files are created directly from our database and shall be updated daily, on weekdays. Formatting may vary from the weekly files. They are provided both in .csv and .xml for your convenience.

These files are provided as a courtesy to our customers and contain all of the information needed to list all of our products in an online store. We cannot guarantee that these files will be 100‰ compatible with ANY specific shopping cart and website hosting combination. The column headings are self-explanatory but the columns may need to be re-named or re-ordered to suit your particular situation.

It is beyond our ability to provide instructions or assistance in getting our product listing into your website. The best place to get advice on your particular situation will always be the user forums on your webhost's website and the website of the company that published your shopping cart or ecommerce solution. These forums are filled with forum moderators and fellow users with a great deal of experience with the software you are using.

Images are taken directly from the images used on our own website and as such are formatted and sized for our needs. These collections are provided as a convenience and due to the size of the files and the time required to compile and upload they will only be updated once a month. If you need an image for a product before it can be found in the zip collections you can download the image directly from the item listing on our website (www.azuregreen.net) These images are not intended for use in listings on Amazon, eBay or any other online listing service and will not meet their requirements for image sizes; nor can we provide images that meet those requirements.

AzureGreen is NOT affiliated, partnered, associated with or connected to ANY web development, shopping cart programming, ecommerce development or inventory management service or firm in any way, shape or form despite any and all claims to the contrary.

File Name & Descriptions

CSV Format

XML Format


- Here you will find a file providing you with our item sku, name, and corresponding description.




- Listed here are inventory counts, retail pricing, and expected dates of arrival for out of stock items. Also included will be indication as to whether an item is a closeout (discontinued.)




- These filse contain a full listing of our departments, department codes, the levels at which each department is displayed, as well as what the "parent department" that each department can be found under.




- Intended to help categorize your items to match our departments, this file lists item codes as well as the department code for the department in which they reside.



AG Complete

- These are complete files with descriptions and image names. (No departments since many items are in more than one category)

AG Complete Files.csv

AG Complete Files.xml

File Name & Descriptions

Link to File


Zip Files of Pictures

- This link brings you to our lists of zip files containing our jpeg image files, to help you populate your website. Please note that these files will be updated monthly.

Zip Files of thumbnails

- For those looking for smaller images. These will be updated when time allows.

Images Zip File Library


-New items, price changes & discontinued. Updated weekly.

Updates Excel



- All known isbn and/or sku.

Also includes weights and measurements of product.